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25 Aug 2009  

August 25 to August 30 - no Journal entries.

The journey of the Jaladutta.

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24 Aug 2009
JOURNAL: Tuesday, August 24  

Today at about 1/30 p.m. I enquired from wheel-room that we have come only 400 miles off the Indian coast. My sea-sickness is still continuing. I take my meals once only but today I could not take my full meals also although I was fasting yesterday. I (am) feeling uncomfortable.

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23 Aug 2009
JOURNAL: Monday, August 23  

Today Annada Ekadashi

We started towards Red sea on the western front at about 12/30 noon. The sky was almost clear and there was sunshine since the starting of the trip from Cochin port. We are floating now on the Arabian sea. My sea sickness again began. Headache vomiting tendency no hunger dizziness and no energy to work. It is continuing. There are sometimes showers of rain but for a short time. There was a fellow passenger in my cabin. He is also attacked with sea sickness. The whole night passed

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